All Property Qualifications - Effective for bookings on or after 2/3/2014

At least one member of the party must be at least 25 years of age.

Some tour locations require a minimum age of 28

All adults must have a valid government issued photo ID.

Must have a valid major credit card (not debit card) that matches name on ID

Must have household income prior to taxes of at least $50,000 USD 

Some tour locations require an income of at least $60,000

Must not be a full time student.

Must tour with spouse/fiancé/significant other/life partner if married/engaged/co-habituating.

Single females are permitted to tour, single males are not

Must have IDs with matching addresses, or checkbook, or lease/mortgage statement with both names on the account to qualify as a co-habituating couple to combine income for reaching total household income. Newlyweds can use marriage certificate

Children 6 years and under must stay in attended children’s room during group portion of the presentation.
CHARLESTON SOUTH CAROLINA ONLY: Children 6 years and under are not permitted to travel.

Must not have filed for bankruptcy in the 3 previous years and must be currently released from any bankruptcy proceedings.

Must not have attended a resort presentation with Festiva within the last 13 months.

All guests must speak and understand English.
ORLANDO FLORIDA ONLY: Fluent Spanish also permitted.

Group travel is not allowed (Quinella). A Quinella is defined as multiple related parties (individual/group/friend/ family member) traveling together on the same itinerary. Should this occur, all members must attend presentation together, however only one party will count as a tour

Must not be a current Festiva owner/member.

Guest must not live within 50 miles of presentation location.

All members of party must attend 90 - 120 minute presentation.

MYRTLE BEACH ONLY: Guests must bring/drive their own vehicles to the presentation.

Must be residents of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia.